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A Hilarious and Passionate Pandemic Parent Letter To Teachers

Pandemic Parenting.  Yeah, that’s a thing.         “So, have you given up yet?”  That’s the question I ask myself in the reflection of my coffee every morning.   My answer is always, “If I can taste this coffee, then no.”  But deep down, I contemplate a retreat to some remote mountain village where Buddhist monks live.    […]

5 Things I Wish People Knew About Blogging

When I first started this blog I was full of hopes and dreams, and aspirations even.  Today I feel like I’m still trying to keep MySpace alive.  Sorry, not sorry Tom.  Blogs used to be unique, nowadays nobody wants to read.  They just want to watch a video.  I can’t complain though because I’m totally guilty.  […]

Mornings At Benjamin’s: How I Found The Ultimate Mommy Morning Out Experience

I’m tempted not to tell you about the best bakery in the Myrtle Beach area because I really want to keep this place to myself.  I don’t want to share my special corner with any of the other tourists and honestly, for several days, this fantastic bakery was my haven.   I was in the process […]

Look What’s New!!!

Hey guys, As some of you know on my FB and Instagram pages the Diva has been fighting a serious illness.  If you haven’t kept up, click the social media links on the right and follow my pages to learn more.  You’ve seen photo’s of me in the hospital but don’t let that get you […]

I Wish My WISH App Would Stop Doing This

Like many of you, I found a neat little website called WISH last year that has a ton of stuff for cheap.  So they advertise.  I’ve found a few things on the site that I was satisfied with so I ended up with ad app on my FB Timeline.  For the life of me I […]