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Aunt Jemima A’int Yo Mammy: The Real Reason She’s Gone

Quaker Oats announced this week that it was retiring the Aunt Jemima brand to end its ever-persistent racial undertones forever! The far-left danced in the puddles of the far right’s tears and so continued but also heightened the racist arguments on social media. But little did any of us know, Quaker is lying to ALL […]

What I Didn’t Learn About Black History in 28 Days: Part 3

Posted on February 11, 2013by The Myrtle Beach Diva So now that we’ve had a brief history of African Americans in politics, let’s take a closer look at the progression of the black race as a whole.  In the early 1900’s Jim Crowe laws or Democratic color codes had taken almost all of the wind out the […]

What I Didn’t Learn About Black History in 28 Days: Part 2

Posted on February 11, 2013by The Myrtle Beach Diva Before the discovery of the historical marker pictured in my previous post , I had no clue that there were black politicians before Jim Clyburn.  After taking a closer look into the history I also noticed the trend that the Republican Party had started by manipulating the black […]

This Is Why You’re Really Mad #SuperAssGate2020

For a few years now I have boycotted the Superbowl and NFL football as a whole. At first, it was a personal reason, but after watching reactions to Collin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem, it became entirely different for me. My protest is now on several levels and too many for me to go […]

The Real Reason Behind The Alabama Abortion Law as The Birth Dearth Prophecies Come True

It happened. The state of Alabama made abortion a felony punishable by life in prison. Many people are baffled by it, but brace yourselves because nearly all the Red States in the U.S. are prepared to follow suit. But it’s imperative that we understand that this is not random nor is it happenstance. This has […]

Disney Takes Control Of Hulu and Marvel Finds a New Home

With the highly anticipated upcoming release of The Lion King remake this summer a huge announcement just came out of Hollywood that is helping us finally make sense of why we haven’t been able to access some of our favorite childhood characters. Here’s an example. If you were wondering why shows like Luke Cage and […]

What Would You Do If The Government Cut Off The Internet?

Imagine watching a tragedy unfold in your area. Instinctively you reach for your phone to check your social media to see if maybe there’s better news or more recent information on what’s happening. You pull your Facebook and find that it’s “down”. You switching to Instagram and it’s “down” too. Surely not Twitter right? There’s […]

Florida Man Killed Pet By Bird

     Leave it to Florida to have a man killed by a direct descendant of the Velociraptor that also happened to be his pet. Alachua County Fire and Rescue Department reported to the Gainesville Sun that the victim of this deadly attack, whose name is being withheld at this time, was breeding the birds. […]

UPDATE!!! Alert Canceled for Jamier Stanley Missing 7 Year Old Boy in Charleston, South Carolina

Update!!!!  Saturday 4/13/19 1:16pm I have confirmation directly from Jonathan Stanley Jamiers’ father that he has been found and is safe.  Thank you everyone that took the time to share and help find him.   You can read about the story below.   Please take a moment to share this information.  It could save a child’s […]