Nothing destroys a child more than not having a stable environment to grow and thrive in.  While Foster Care was created as an alternative to children living on the streets, it’s not a perfect solution in itself.  Foster Care is scary for children because it’s filled with the unknown.  For any child entering Foster Care, […]

What I Didn’t Learn About Black History In 28 Days (Response To Charlottesville Virginia)

Charlottesville Virginia’s recent events have played out so strong I felt it necessary to republish an old blog that I wrote years ago.  With “White Nationalist” of the south making the news rounds it seems to me that no one can connect the dots as to where the hatred is coming from.  What’s the history […]

Hidden Jewels Of Myrtle Beach: Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant

I have been dying to get into this place because I love Mediterranean food.  Especially hummus which I love to make when I can find Tahini oil.  I knew the place would be great when I heard they had belly dancing some evening but I never expected the experience I got today at lunch. Some […]

Guess Who Made The Best Of South Carolina Live Theaters list????

We did it!!!  You can check out the article and review here:    

Found Something New and Fun To Do In Myrtle Beach

I remember the first time I came to Myrtle Beach as child, well teenager really.  I was 17 and quite the wild child.  I recall escaping my family, walking down the beach to the peer, and getting my hands on a pitcher of beer.  It was a memorable night because it was my first time […]

Sharing A Little Of My Old Music In My New World

Someone asked me last night….  “Hey Kandice, do you have any recordings?”  I had to stop myself before I said no.  After nearly 20 years I had almost forgotten that I am too a songwriter.  For the last 15 years or so I’ve just been singing other people’s music.  However, I still have the ability […]

An Ordinary Day In Myrtle Beach

Today, my daughter came along with me to run some errands and pay a few bills.  She has this crazy way of seeing random things on the side of road around here.  One time, we were driving home from a gig in North Myrtle at night mind you, and she started freaking out saying that […]