We Are Officially Working!!! See You Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Well it’s about that time folks.  Time for the Myrtle Beach Season to kick off.  The official start will be this Memorial Day Weekend however, we’ve actually started working early for the season.  We just finished up a the 2018 S.O.A.R. Gospel conference in Myrtle Beach at the Landmark Resort this past weekend and we’ve […]

What’s The Difference Between These Two Families of Gun Advocates?

This video caught my attention this morning and I want to “see” what people have to say about it.  These are two families, with opposites views on education but the exact same idea on the 2nd Amendment.  One father is viewed as dangerous, the other is not.  Why do you think this is?  Is it […]

Is Love and Hip Hop Scripted or Is Stevie J the Black Harvey Weinstein?

There is no way after last night’s episode that VH1 can continue to claim that its hit show ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ is not scripted.  The episode proved to their loyal audience last night that Stevie J is the black Harvey Weinstein and I need somebody to tell me how in the Sam Blue […]

Mornings At Benjamin’s: How I Found The Ultimate Mommy Morning Out Experience

I’m tempted not to tell you about the best bakery in the Myrtle Beach area because I really want to keep this place to myself.  I don’t want to share my special corner with any of the other tourists and honestly, for several days, this fantastic bakery was my haven.   I was in the process […]

Comedian Steve Brown Attacked in Columbia South Carolina Comedy Club (Update!!!!! Video from Steve Brown)

Update:  Steve Brown says he wasn’t heckling the attacker on stage last night at The Comedy House comedy club in Columbia S.C.   Steve gave an update on his Instagram this morning along with photos of his minor injury.  The comedian seems to be taking it in stride and enjoying the extra attention.  However, he is […]

Hosting Karaoke At Spencerz Sports Bar and Grille in Surfside Beach!!!! Friday Nights!!!

I had such a great time last night filling in for DJ Billy out at Spencerz Sports Bar and Grille last night that I might just come back for fun EVERY FRIDAY night.  If you guys are down here as snow birds this year don’t miss a great Friday night treat with great food, great […]

Look What’s New!!!

Hey guys, As some of you know on my FB and Instagram pages the Diva has been fighting a serious illness.  If you haven’t kept up, click the social media links on the right and follow my pages to learn more.  You’ve seen photo’s of me in the hospital but don’t let that get you […]

I Wish My WISH App Would Stop Doing This

Like many of you, I found a neat little website called WISH last year that has a ton of stuff for cheap.  So they advertise.  I’ve found a few things on the site that I was satisfied with so I ended up with ad app on my FB Timeline.  For the life of me I […]