Yahoo Finance Tweeted A Racist Typo And Black Twitter Did Not Disappoint

Have I mentioned that I love Black Twitter? I don’t know it came into existence or if even if they have a url where you can just go and browse through their excellence, but I love these intelligent creatures. Yahoo Finance tweeted a typo that happened to be a racial slur and left it up […]

Happy New Year: Let me tell what we’re NOT going to do

Well, it was the first day of the year and as usual, Florida did not disappoint us in the news. From attempted stabbings over farts, to mailman robberies on tricycles Florida has been delivering on news of the outrageous and absurd for decades. Of course New Years Day 2019 would be no different. The Atlantic […]

People Magazine, Thank You For Idris but WE SEE YOU. Sincerely, Women Who Want Some Color In Their Lives

People Magazine has given us another token to take the attention off the possibility that the staff of the magazine might be just a little racist in their Sexiest Man Alive selections.  MSNBC actually said something to this effect in 2015 and every year since then a voice like mine has rang out from the […]

Happening Now: Fire In Upscale Myrtle Beach Residential Neighborhood

Tonight on October 19th 2018 9-1-1 calls came into the Myrtle Beach Fire Department at approximately 9 p.m. reporting a structure fire. The home that caught fire was under construction however the fire was reported to have spread to a second home. I’m pretty familiar with the area as often I go down there to […]

Myrtle Beach Residents Wondering Where To Apply For Assistance, Help Is Here!!!

As most of the Nation now knows, the Carolina’s were hit with a massive tropical storm that dumped more water on us than it did wind damage.  We started out on the wrong foot when they evacuated us a ridiculous week before the hurricane was even close to the coast.  I mean, it was sunny […]

I Was Going To Stay…Then This Happened

I honestly considered riding out Florence and I’ve waited to make this painful decision until the LAST possible minute.  Here is why I changed my mind.  I’ve been watching this storm since it formed off the coast of Africa.  She’s a beautiful storm and she’s very rare.  I thought that we had jumped the gun […]

5 Things I Wish People Knew About Blogging

When I first started this blog I was full of hopes and dreams, and aspirations even.  Today I feel like I’m still trying to keep MySpace alive.  Sorry, not sorry Tom.  Blogs used to be unique, nowadays nobody wants to read.  They just want to watch a video.  I can’t complain though because I’m totally guilty.  […]

Pele Is Real And Very Much Alive in Hawaii

I hope I’m not too late putting this out there but as we all know for the last two days, Hawaii has been plagued with a killer Hurricane they’ve named Lane.  I never really knew much about the Island folklore prior to meeting a friend coincidentally named Moana.  She had her name long before the […]

Girl, Rasheeda’s Mother Ms. Shirleen Goes Off in Houston’s Pressed (And she had every right to)…

Look I’m going to be honest with you I’m having some computer issues so I am posting from my phone. This would be why you guys haven’t heard from me lately. But no worries the new laptop is on the way this week, howeva…I could not pass up the opportunity to post about this. The […]