Southern Mama Died Last Night

She’s a really beautiful character and I’m so sad to see her go. As we lay her body down to rest next to Roseanne, I felt it necessary to say a few words to her creator who will now stand trial for her murder.

Betty White Turns 97 As Pressure Mounts For Her To Maintain Her Immortality

Could you imagine being afraid to die? I mean, we’re all afraid to die, but what if your death could possibly stop the world from turning for maybe an hour or two. We’re talking stock market plunges, volcanic eruptions, Starbuck temporarily closing, and the only thing that could maybe perhaps put it back on track […]

Get Ready For A Triggered America After The Superbowl

If you thought a kneeling football player caused heads to explode, this years Superbowl ads might just end football as we know it.  Ok, so we know the NFL is too wealthy to allow a sensitive commercial to be its demise, but the commercial definitely has its main fan base up in arms over classification.  […]

If You Hate Leaving Your Child At Day Care, Don’t Miss This!!! (Legit Work From Home Information)

I don’t want to start a war on child care centers because for many of us, it’s the only option. But what if it wasn’t? What if I told you that you didn’t have to leave your home to make the kind of money that you need to survive and enjoy the life and freedom […]

R. Kelly Will Not Go To Jail Over Documentary Because He Planned The Whole Thing

Like most people wanting to claim moral conscientiousness I was appalled, saddened, and sickened by the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly. I was even more twisted up by the comments and posts I read on social media the following day. How could this have happened? How could an entire Nation miss the mark by so […]

Jazmine Barnes’ Murder Suspects Arrested. It Wasn’t A Hate Crime. Now What?

I spent a great deal of time last week trying to avoid this particular news story because it literally mirrored my life.  How many times have I loaded my four children, with a 7 year old girl like Jazmine, into my SUV and gone to Wal Mart?  How easily could that have been my 7 […]

Yahoo Finance Tweeted A Racist Typo And Black Twitter Did Not Disappoint

Have I mentioned that I love Black Twitter? I don’t know it came into existence or if even if they have a url where you can just go and browse through their excellence, but I love these intelligent creatures. Yahoo Finance tweeted a typo that happened to be a racial slur and left it up […]