Disney Takes Control Of Hulu and Marvel Finds a New Home

With the highly anticipated upcoming release of The Lion King remake this summer a huge announcement just came out of Hollywood that is helping us finally make sense of why we haven’t been able to access some of our favorite childhood characters. Here’s an example. If you were wondering why shows like Luke Cage and […]

What Would You Do If The Government Cut Off The Internet?

Imagine watching a tragedy unfold in your area. Instinctively you reach for your phone to check your social media to see if maybe there’s better news or more recent information on what’s happening. You pull your Facebook and find that it’s “down”. You switching to Instagram and it’s “down” too. Surely not Twitter right? There’s […]

Can Your Work From Home Software HiJack Your Webcam?

I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about working from home and that’s because the amount of real remote jobs out here today is absolutely AMAZEBALLS!!! I’m finding so many work-at-home opportunities that I’m finding it hard not submit applications while I’m already working from home. It seems that every time I turn around, […]

Columbia S.C. On List of Cities People Want To Move Away From

Columbia, South Carolina with its state motto, of “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places”, seems to be hiding something behind that smile. The city was listed No. 20 on the list of Redfin’s 2018 Migration Report. While the city is on bottom of the list, on the heels of the murder of USC student Samantha Josephson to […]

Florida Man Killed Pet By Bird

     Leave it to Florida to have a man killed by a direct descendant of the Velociraptor that also happened to be his pet. Alachua County Fire and Rescue Department reported to the Gainesville Sun that the victim of this deadly attack, whose name is being withheld at this time, was breeding the birds. […]

UPDATE!!! Alert Canceled for Jamier Stanley Missing 7 Year Old Boy in Charleston, South Carolina

Update!!!!  Saturday 4/13/19 1:16pm I have confirmation directly from Jonathan Stanley Jamiers’ father that he has been found and is safe.  Thank you everyone that took the time to share and help find him.   You can read about the story below.   Please take a moment to share this information.  It could save a child’s […]

UPDATE!!! 6 People Shot Including Children At Gender Reveal Party In Chicago (Watch FB Live Video)

Complete chaos at a gender reveal party in Chicago this afternoon after shots rang out leaving six to eight people  wounded.  Rumors are swirling that mostly children were shot and some may even be deceased but Chicago PD has not confirmed anything as of yet. Details are slowing pouring in as we find out that […]

How Do I Avoid Work From Home Scams And Find Real Virtual Job Links?

It’s a jungle out here on the world wide web.  Especially if you’re using internet searches to find employment.  However, it’s an even deeper darker jungle when you are searching for employment from home.  Intuit predicts that 46% of the world’s workforce is projected to be virtual by 2027. Forbes is predicting over 50% of […]

Jussie Smolette Targeted by Nigerian Trump supporters; All Charges Dropped!

I knew in my soul that Jussie didn’t do this. It never made sense for such an intelligent man to try and do something so, so, simple. Like I want to believe that if Jussie wanted to pull something like this off, he knows so much about make-up, video, and lighting, that we would have […]

Shameless and Criminal Academic Fraud

Several Actors, CEO’s, and University Coaches are in legal hot water this morning after being caught in sting that uncovered millions of dollars in what investigators are calling a “college entrance bribery scheme”. The wife of Shameless actor Felicity Huffman is proving that not only could she be a cast member, she could also be […]