Enchilada Casserole

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This is a super simple dish with minimal effort and ingredients so let’s just right in and start with those.

Flour or Corn tortillas
Enchilada Sause (red or green)
Ground beef
Refried beans
Vidalia Onions
Bell Peppers
Jalapeno pepper
Oaxaca cheese
A casserole deep enough to hold your rolled tortillas and Sauce.

I’m extra so get my tortillas fresh from the local Mexican bakery.This extra step is usually worth it because those flour and corn tortillas on the shelf at the grocery market have been there longer than you even want to know.I generally roll 10 to 12 tortillas per 2lbs of ground beef and I add 1 can of refried beans per pound of ground beef.I hope this information allows you to split this recipe or double it as needed.

I didn’t make a video of this recipe because I’m hoping to complete a version for you in my upcoming cookbook with exclusive links to “How to videos”for each recipe.I have however provided you with a final look at the recipe outcome which I’ve posted to all of my social media platforms and here at the end of the blog for you to see what your end results should look like.So let’s talk process:

Brown your ground beef before adding in your seasonings.This will allow you to remove as much excess oil without pouring your hard-earned seasoning down the drain.Once your ground beef is nice and golden brown, start to add your seasonings.Diced onion, peppers, and garlic.Next, add your dry seasonings.Once combined you’ll add in your refried beans and this mix is what you’ll be rolling into your flour tortillas.

You can fill your casserole one of two ways at this point.You can layer your tortillas or roll them like burritos. Once lined or layered in your casserole dish, you’ll layer the top with cheese.I list Oaxaca cheese because I prefer it as melting cheese, but you can choose whichever cheese you want.
When you get all cheesed up, pour your can of enchilada sauce over the top slowly until it all seeps down to the bottom.

Bake in an oven @ 400 for 45 mins and this what it should look like.


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