Save Money: Shop Your Local Meat Market

Long Live The Meat Markets
Winston-Salem, NC is my home.I was born here and Ogburn Station meat market has been open since the year before I was born.My great-grand parents shopped here and pretty much my whole family in the years since.
It’s no secret that food prices have increased dramatically over the last few years.Groceries stores are slowly become a mere convenience with everything in one place during times like this.I have to visit several stores to make my ends meet, but the effort is not only worth it, but necessary to successfully feed my large family.
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I’m not sure that there’s an exact measurement that teens eat in a month, but I can tell you that it’s a lot.Feeding the constant appetites of 4 requires a rigid budget and planned menu.No matter how hard I try to stick to this regiment it can still fluctuate.Especially as of late when you never what the price of meat is going to be.
With all of this uncertainty, the one thing I’ve always been able to count on is finding a bargain at my local meat market.The chances of my choices being local and fresh versus frozen off the back of a truck are more likely as well.
My favorite thing about vising local meat markets are the opportunities to find unusual cuts of meat like pork belly or goat meat cubes.Just today I purchased smoked turkey tails which are going to make my Sunday greens super tasty!
Here’s a perfect example in this photo here.How often do you find WHOLE ox tails in the grocery store?The price wasn’t too shabby either!After choosing this beauty, they kindly took it to the back and cut it up for me in nice even pieces.I can’t wait to make a whole video using it.
And this was my haul for the month.I’ll make anywhere between25 to 28 meals usingthis meat.Of course there are sides to think about but that’s another post.Below, you’ll see what I paid for all of this and you can tell me in the comments if you think it’s a deal.

Here’s a list of what I got:</h3

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