Food Blog Posts Coming Soon…

I’ve been working really hard for the last two years to create a Food Blog, but just couldn’t find the inspiration…and equipment.

Well, ain’t God good because it’s all coming together. I will have full recipes posted soon with video! So keep checking back and follow me on social media for updates and new posts!!! Here’s a sneak peek…

A Creole New Years Dinner

It’s a great great granny recipe from the deep south. You’ll love these combinations, and cooking techniques that makes your dinner fabulously flavorful and fast!


It’s almost time for the Vietnamese New Year and this one of the most authentic Lumpia recipes that you’ll find. Don’t miss the chance to put those little hands in your house to work making this a delicious family affair.

Bare Cabinet Tuna Casserole

At 60 years old my mother revealed to me that she had never had Tuna Casserole before. I discovered it when my cabinets were bare and discovered that a couple of cans of tuna and a pound of spaghetti noodles mixed with butter, milk, and cheese from WIC (government assistance) could go a long way. During a visit, she was pleasantly surprised that tuna isn’t always served cold. Since my discovery, I’ve improved on the dish using various techniques that I’ve discovered over the years. It made me sad that both she and I never grew up with such goodness on a random Tuesday night. I couldn’t have my kids miss out on this experience. I made it my mission to create the best recipe using a quick and easy bechamel sauce and add it to our family collection.

Deep Fried Ginger Pork and Root Veggies

I used to be terrified of large pieces of meat. I felt like they just had to be cooked as is and injected and doctored to be flavorful. Because purchasing meat like this is the best way to save money, I’ll soon show you some hacks to using these large pieces of meat and having more than enough to feed your large crew. Would you believe that I’m going to deep fry this pork roast before turning it into a sticky Asian inspired stew? Stay tuned…

Ginger Sweet Soy Chicken

The pork recipe above was inspired by this favorite easy go-to dish of mine that I make just a little different every time. As long as you have the basics, it’s going to come out great.

A lot of my dishes are Asian inpired and as a salute to all of the Anime watching kids out therer, this is the start of a beautiful Ramen broth…

Lox Bagels

Because sometimes, you just need Lox Bagles at work…

Mascapone, Riccotta and Cottage Cheese Lasagna

Outta this world creamy goodness. Super fast recipe and kid favorite

Using what our surroundings give us to save and survive is sometimes missed in our day to day struggles. Even if you aren’t a single parent, feeding a family can be a terrifying task if you don’t have crucial hacks and old knowledge that has kept us and generations before us alive, well, and happily fed. As season’s progress I hope to share with you all that my elders have shared with me to make family affordable, comfortable, and delicious!

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