COVID-19 And Your Money: The Work From Home Solution

Computers in your home are 100% Coronavirus free. But your co-worker might not be. Have you considered the impact on your life if you miss just one paycheck? How about two or three paychecks? Have you stopped to think about how your life would stand up to quarantine, local shutdowns, or even illness during a Pandemic? If you have been worried about your job during this unprecedented virus outbreak then I’d like for you to take a minute, learn about me, and allow me to share with you a few work from home opportunities.

Just last year I created my Ultimate Work From Home Information Page here on my blog. Today’s traffic was tremendous. Before you think I’ve been slaving away it, let me reassure you that life got in my way and until recently I hadn’t updated the page in months. For a while, I thought that people had just lost interest. I’ve had a few visitors trickle in here and there and then, within the past two weeks, it’s like the flood gates have opened. What brought us here? A Pandemic. That’s right. Coronavirus has many of you wishing that you worked from home right now. If you did, or even if you do, you’d be confident right now that Coronavirus wouldn’t be a threat to your income.

Living in a tourist town like Myrtle Beach I quickly learned that tourism is a fickle bitch. One minute you’re soulmates, the next you’re a redheaded stepchild with lice. Building your business around tourism unless it’s real estate or retail, is a gamble. So it’s always good to have a sugar daddy or a real job when you live and work in this industry. The “season” as locals call it, ebbs and flows like the ocean tide. But it’s not just Myrtle Beach. It’s everywhere. And if you’ve felt the sting of “the struggle” in your corner of the earth, then know that I can not only relate, but I can also help.

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My stepfather once told me that my greatest talent was talking on the phone. He was being facetious, but the son of a bitch was also dead on the money. I had the gift of gab. I could talk on the phone for hours. If there is a world record out there, I’ve probably unknowingly broken it. And today, I get paid to do it. When I see my friends posting their dread about clocking into a brick and mortar, I feel bad for them. I want them to feel the comfort that I feel every day when I clock in. My original goal for this page on my blog was just to put the information out there and hope that people would be drawn to it. After all, it is quite the treasure. One year later, I realize that I’ve forgotten to draw the map. So let me tell you how I got here.

I wasn’t always a single mother of five. I was married. A military wife. (That’s another blog post for another day.) But to sum it up for this story, 7 years ago I found myself needing a financial path out of an abusive marriage. I wasn’t able to work outside my home for various reasons including the abuse so I knew it was work from home or bust. I just didn’t know who to trust. Several people had told, mentioned, and hinted that I could find legitimate work from home, but in 2010 everything sounded like a scam. Back then, the investment in yourself was at least $250.00 to start even if you already owned a great working computer. We had to install our landline phones, plus cable/internet, purchase the right type of multi-line phone and headset and install our work software. We even had to pay for our background checks and yes, sometimes pay for our training. Some of these things are still required for some companies but with the introduction of the softphone combined with multibillion-dollar companies digitally outsourcing call centers today, the game has changed. You can now work from home for the same pay rate, same benefits, and the same perks that brick and mortar call centers once boxed us into. And the best part? Casual Friday is Everyday!

When most people tell you about working from home you hear these two perks:

  1. You can work in your pajamas. (Not always the truth. Some companies now want you on camera)
  2. You can take a nap in your bed on your lunch break. (This is true)

But one of the most vital benefits of working from home is reducing your amount of sick days. Most parents have had to call in sick when our children come down with the schools’ most recent and popular virus. If you have multiple children then you understand the struggle of having to call out multiple days within a week because face it, kids share. Working from home is ideal for these situations because sick children just aren’t a problem. I can still work and nurse them back to health at the same time. Plus, it’s nice to be present for them when they aren’t feeling well. My kids snuggle right up to me and sleep while I work. Another perk of working remotely is that you’re not exposed to co-worker crud and if you have the crud your creature comforts can in some cases keep you comfortable enough to complete your shift so you that don’t lose out on your money. (Trust me, I’ve worked with pneumonia).

As the fears of Coronavirse continue to rise one of the greatest concerns I keep hearing is how the fear of losing income will be a key factor in the rapid spread. No one wants to miss time off from work. And if you’re as fortunate as I am to already be on the Work At Home (WAH) train, then you already know that this outbreak won’t affect your coins. There’s no amount of quarantining that will keep you from answer your phone at home. So if you’re currently in your cubicle, or sitting in the break room wondering if impending quarantines will disrupt your income then its past time that you learned how this works.

If you can’t wait to start, click here now.  If you need some more info, keep reading…

When I first started this line of work 7 years ago, it was scary. I had a phone line installed, internet installed, I purchased a new computer, phone, headset, and I paid for my background check. The company? LiveOps. I’m not a spokesperson for this company or any of the companies I’m about to talk about, I’m just telling you my story. The whole start-up cost me nearly $700 and was one of the most riskiest best decisions I ever made in my life. Today you won’t spend a fraction of my start-up cost, it’s super easy to work for LiveOps, and they are one of the last companies to employ independent contractors in this role. I made my investment back within the first month and had full-time work with AAA Roadside Assistance within two months. I was fortunate to work for a few companies through LiveOps including Allstate. After 3 years I found myself researching other WAH opportunities and was surprised to find that a few more had popped up. After a while, looking up new opportunities became a hobby. Then an obsession. I have researched the specs of these jobs as well as applied for a worked for most of the companies on my list. I get no perks or cash for sharing this information with you. Consider it, my good deed to give back. Honestly, my ability to find this kind of work and be successful at it feels like a real blessing. It was hard work getting where I am today, and I feel that the best way to give back is to make maneuvering this industry easier for you.

I didn’t get rich. I didn’t find work that wasn’t “work”. However, my bills were and still are paid. And occasionally, I’m able to take my children out for a nice dinner or local festival. These jobs have always been a steady paycheck that I can not only rely on but allows me to be able to work around the tasks of me being a single mother. The children’s schedules are easily coordinated with mine and I can always schedule my breaks and lunches around any snafus. Also, teaching my children to work with me while I work at home has been a priceless life lesson on how the world works.

The latest news reports are saying that large corporations are implementing work schedules that allow their employees to work from home. I wasn’t surprised to see Amazon on that list. Amazon is one of the most coveted companies to work for from home. Apple is also high up there on that list. Getting hired for either of these companies is more than possible because they are hiring right now and Apple will even give you a Mac to work on. Turbo Tax also supplies your computer needs as well as a backdrop and camera for facetime interaction with clients. I have links on how to apply to all of these jobs on my Ultimate Work from Home Information page. You’re just a click away from Pandemic job security and so much more.

Editor’s Note: I’m also available to answer your questions via email or comment section. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, and I won’t hesitate to answer!

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