Are You Going To Miss Google+?

I’m not sure why, but as reflect today on Google + I am reminded of the little nagging bit of sadness I felt when MySpace disappeared from the internet. Honestly, I felt a little guilty too. Like it was my fault for not using it more. Hell, I can’t even tell you right now what I have on my Google + page or pages because I don’t even remember the last time I used it. While a part of me was eager to use it and learn it, the app just wan’t that appealing. Which makes me even more sad because I love everything Google.

Listen, I’m not naive when it comes to know who and how your information is shared through social media apps and according to a CNBC report, Google is no exception to the unregulated practice. So much so that they are killing their social media app earlier than the planned August 2019 date. The plug will instead be pulled on the app in April of 2019 due to further scrutiny over shared information and security issues. CNBC reports that, “the security issue affected 52.5 million users exposing private information found in their profiles including their names, email addresses and occupations.” Google has assured the public that no financial information has been shared but how can we be so sure when Google makes it so easy to store our information in an effort to make our lives more effortless?

The bottom line is, we can’t control it. If we choose to dive into this digital world of ease it’s just one of the risks we have to take. The key to not becoming a victim is to be vigilant. Still once again it’s sad to see a social media option killed in the wave of fear. Oh well. So is social media life. Like sands of time through Myspace, so are the days of our Vines.

RIP Google +

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