Finally, I Attempted This

Ok, so hats off to all Food Bloggers out there. This shit is hard. This could be a sport. Maybe not an Olympic Sport, but at best a little league sport somewhere in middle suburbia. I still feel like I’ve been run over by a truck this morning, but look at me… I’m writing.

Chunky Salsa Recipe

So here’s what I had to accomplish yesterday.

Wake up, get the kids to school, make this list for the blog post, shop for the blog post, work, welcome the kids home from school, cook, photograph, clean, homework, bath time, bed time. Sounds simple right? Not even.

I did EVERYTHING above and THEN, I chased two dogs around the neighborhood, refereed at minimum 4 fights, played couple’s a therapist for two hours, walked down the street to be a nosy neighbor when I saw three cop cars and an ambulance at the kids’ bus stop, and entertained one spontaneous visitor. By the end of the night my two herniated discs and mild arthritis of the spine had me in a death grip of multiple muscle spasms. No pity here, it was my marathon to run. And I discovered that this is going to be some hard and grueling work. But work that is well worth the pay off.

Please keep your eyes peeled for new material from me including a book… Yes, I started writing the forever talked about book, and a Youtube channel. We’re doing it. #2019HangOn

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