Happening Now: Fire In Upscale Myrtle Beach Residential Neighborhood

Tonight on October 19th 2018 9-1-1 calls came into the Myrtle Beach Fire Department at approximately 9 p.m. reporting a structure fire. The home that caught fire was under construction however the fire was reported to have spread to a second home. I’m pretty familiar with the area as often I go down there to park and walk along the beach. The home is located just across the street from the ocean, and the last time I saw it it looked as if construction was nearly complete. I was sad to see other neighboring homeowners standing outside watching the fire hoping that it was put out quickly and that their homes would remain safe from the flames as winds picked up the embers and blew them into the trees.

Several on Lookers  came out to watch  Crews put out the fire.  However visitors  at the Grande Shores Ocean Resort  had Birds Eye views  and came out on their upper level balconies to watch. I was able to capture the following images and video which anyone is free to use and share if you’ll please just remind them that the Myrtle Beach Diva shared these.


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