5 Things I Wish People Knew About Blogging

When I first started this blog I was full of hopes and dreams, and aspirations even.  Today I feel like I’m still trying to keep MySpace alive.  Sorry, not sorry Tom.  Blogs used to be unique, nowadays nobody wants to read.  They just want to watch a video.  I can’t complain though because I’m totally guilty.  I mean, who wants to read instructions when we can see the product unfold before our very eyes.  But the same can’t really be said about all blogs.  Yes, we’d rather see how to get cat hair out of the furniture rather than read about it, but it’s a little harder to make a video on how to calm a distressed child.  Or how to help your teen cope with online bullying.  Still, there are videos on the subject, and there are those of us who are lazy enough to watch them and call them worthy and informative.  Trust me I know because ten yr old always has to tell me, “Don’t forget to give them a thumbs up mom!!!” Yep, I’m lazy and forgetful.  Which makes me a crappy blogger at times.  But then inspiration hits, and I remember why I love doing this.  So here I go again…

Fine.  Videos have their place.  But what about people who like to talk to you through real words that require descriptions and imagination?  What about the words that need to be read and cannot fully be expressed through videoes without special effects and a pretty big film budget (which I don’t have by the way)?  What about those of us that have something to say, but no money to start a decent and competitive blog?  Yeah, we’re over here.  Still spilling our guts and insecurities in concise and even paragraphs with a few photos to boot if we can spare the time it takes to collect and edit them.  We spread our word through social media posts and loving friends who want to be supportive and often hit that like button, but never really bothers to share them  (Guilty).  I still love you guys.  Trust me, I know how exhausting that effort to click like can be.  Sometimes it wipes me out for the whole day.  I like seriously need a nap to recover.

Basically, blogging and all BS that goes with it could be the very thing that destroys all hope for humanity that once was in the good human being that is the writer of the said blog.  I speak from experience as struggle every day to find the goodness that still must exist in this world somewhere.  And as I blog on, I find the tone of my blog has changed, from “Hey, let’s bake cookies make crafts with the kids” to “Hey, Morpheus was right.  Will I take the red pill today or the blue one?”

So listen, this blog post is a readable plea for help.  (To turn it into a video would defeat the purpose of the post) There are just five things that you can do to help a blogger out and encourage us to write another day.


Read the damn blog.  I don’t care if you skim, or just read the basics like most of you have probably skipped all the way down here just to read “The Five Things I Wish People Knew About Blogging”.  It’s all good as long you came, you clicked, you read.





Comments!!!   If you like what you read, or if you have an opinion on it, for the love of God let us know.  Don’t just be one of the views in our statistics report.  Let us know you were here, and let us know who you are.  Part of the reason we blog is to reach our readers.  How will we know we’ve reached you if you don’t say anything?  Even you think we suck.  We’ll gladly take that comment.

Advertisement clicks are the equivalent of the tip you give to your waitress/waiter when out to eat.  We work hard to produce these blogs for you to enjoy and would love if we could make just a little cash from the ads to keep bringing you what entertains you the most.  No, we aren’t becoming millionaires, nor do we hope to.  But a little bit of extra cash to help with the Wifi bill benefits us both in the long run.  If you see an Ad you like or something you’ve been shopping for, please, click away.  We only get like a penny every time you click so don’t go getting the big head thinking you’re paying our salaries.  You’re just tipping dude.

We Love Trolls!!!  Most people don’t like negative comments, but real bloggers encourage them.  It adds to the comment section and it opens a dialogue of debate for those who agree or disagree with the post.  The better the blogger, the more they find trolls attractive.  It gives them the opportunity to show off their quick wit and creativeness to their readers.  A great blog has great trolls.



 We Love To Share!!!  And I’m not talking about our popcorn at the movies, I mean content. Here in the “Blogosphere” as some like to call it we pay respect to one another by sharing each other’s blogs with all our readers (I promise to get better at this).  I guess it helps us to stroke our egos a little, but what we really want is for our readers to share our blogs with their friends and colleagues.  It says to us that we’ve finally written some content with sustenance that is actually reaching a target audience.  A share is almost like giving us an award.  It’s pretty much the only recognition we get for doing what we do.

So there you have it, folks.  The five ways you can support your blogger friends.  Read, Comment, Click Ads, Troll, and Share.  Keep us alive my friends, we’ll keep you entertained.

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