We Are Officially Working!!! See You Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Well it’s about that time folks.  Time for the Myrtle Beach Season to kick off.  The official start will be this Memorial Day Weekend however, we’ve actually started working early for the season.  We just finished up a the 2018 S.O.A.R. Gospel conference in Myrtle Beach at the Landmark Resort this past weekend and we’ve been doing some various charity work in and around the area as well. You can find videos of the even on my Facebook page and on the One Community Church Facebook page.  Thanks a MILLION to Pastor Brandon Frazier for inviting us and making us feel home.








Are you guys ready to come see us in Myrtle Beach???

I will be posting a weekly schedule in the next couple of weeks where you can come sit, drink, watch the beautiful beach, and enjoy hearing my voice belt out some of your favorite tunes.  And it gets better…







Check out the page to learn more!!!


The season kicks off Memorial Day Weekend and that is just around the corner.  The Diva’s have BIG PLANS and HUGE SURPRISES so keep reading and stay tuned to our social media accounts.  I’ve listed them below so that you guys can just click the links and start following!!!

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