I Wish My WISH App Would Stop Doing This

Like many of you, I found a neat little website called WISH last year that has a ton of stuff for cheap.  So they advertise.  I’ve found a few things on the site that I was satisfied with so I ended up with ad app on my FB Timeline.  For the life of me I don’t remember agreeing to these ads, but somewhere I must have liked it or something to do with it now every day, and I mean EVERY DAY I get a new ad that pops up in my newsfeed every few scrolls or so.  At first I didn’t mind the ads.  They were things I’d actually buy…  (Side Note: These are actual screenshots from my phone)


Ok, I realize this next one is a bit extreme but if I had a big house in a nice neighborhood like I dream of having for my kids, I’d probably invest in this for Halloween decor…


So WISH seemed like a pretty cool app right?  It was.  For like a week.  AND THEN….  I started getting these strange ads…

Let’s talk about this one for a minute.  Ok.  I can understand the necessity of this for some people.  My ex-husband used to get ingrown toenails all the time and would cry like a little bitch about it when I would try to help him treat it.  Back when I actually gave a damn, I might have purchased this for him.


On to the other shenanigans.  Now for weeks this next ad kept popping up in my news feed and for the life of me I don’t know why.  Sure I support Cannabis legalization and I have had a few discussions on Facebook about it, ok, more than a few discussions about it on Facebook, but damn WISH.com, you couldn’t even find a photo of real Cannabis?  

Or maybe I’m overthinking it and WISH is just selling ground up herbs.  It would be nice if they would at least label what they’re selling right.  Because this next one really left me scratching my head as I am nowhere near a Methamphetamine supporter nor do I spend any time on the internet looking it up or talking about so….  what gives WISH???

I’ve saved the best for last because when this next ad popped up in newsfeed I immediately screenshot it and posted it to my Facebook page to share a laugh with my friends. 


TO MY SURPRISE!!!  Facebook notified me the next day that my “photo” violated their community standards.  

I still haven’t figured out how to get this app off my Facebook newsfeed and I have every intention of notifying them of the fact that my screenshot was a product of their own advertisers, however I don’t have a great deal of confidence they will do anything about it.  While I’m not angry with WISH for the crazy ass ads, I’d like to know who is making these decisions and for the love all successful marketing ploys WHY???  Just why WISH?  Why???


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