Nothing destroys a child more than not having a stable environment to grow and thrive in.  While Foster Care was created as an alternative to children living on the streets, it’s not a perfect solution in itself.  Foster Care is scary for children because it’s filled with the unknown.  For any child entering Foster Care, they should at least have something tangible they can hold, something they can know is theirs and only theirs, something that provides with not only basic needs, but a sense of control.  Comfort Cases gives foster children this precious gift, and you can help them today for free.  All they need is your VOTE!!!  <———  Click the VOTE link to VOTE!!!!

Please join the thousand who have already voted and donated so much for this great cause:

This beautiful vision brought to us by my dear friend Rob Chasteen Scheer when he adopted a set of four siblings who are some of the luckiest children on the planet to have found such a pure soul like Rob to be their father.  I could sing his praises forever.  I’ve known him for nearly 20 years now and while we haven’t always been in touch, everytime we cross paths, the amount of love that comes from this man is just AH-MAZING!!!  And it never changes.  Please help bring his dream to fruition.  It’s not a selfish one.  It takes so little to help such a worthy cause.  JUST VOTE!!!!   <———  Click the JUST VOTE link to VOTE!!!!

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