Old Age And Instagram

Yes, it’s true.  The Diva has picked up a new gig this summer and gosh darn it I love it.  Apparently, if you’re looking to reserve a room at Hotel Blue or Captain’s Quarters here in Myrtle Beach, S.C. for your vacation, my Instagram pops up when you search for Entertainment in the area.  How do I know this?  All these popped tents in my DM’s.  (Seriously guys, I don’t wanna see all that).  So check it out.  I’m not a prostitute.  I often D.J. by the pool.  Sometimes I sing, sometimes I announce where you can order food and drinks, sometimes I yell at kids for running around the pool.  It’s a gig.

Like any job it has it’s up’s and down’s.  More often than not it’s hot as hades and you start to honestly believe the sun gets closer to the earth every day.  There will be instances where guys like you so much they buy you three drinks at a time while you’re trying to work so that you don’t get “thirsty”.   Last Saturday, a gentleman laid next to the pool for 4 hours drinking and listening to me play music.  As I’m breaking down my equipment to leave, he decides to request a song.  When I tell him, “I’m sorry, but our set is over and I’m on my way to another gig” he gets irate with the F bombs.  While we all know that I am very skilled in the art of profanity, I’m not allowed to destroy him with my talent.  It’s my job.  So I must forge a smile with a belly full of fruity drinks that have been practically poured down my throat by a more happy than happier tourist for the last 4 hours in a hot ass sun that is trailblazing towards earth.  But I’m not complaining!  Why?  Because I spent the last 4 hours with this view…

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