The Diva Is Still Kicking!!!!

Hey guys…    The Diva was down, but not out.  Last month was a doozie for me.  I have so many irons in the fire right now I’m not quite sure if I’m coming or going!.  First of all I moved.  Then I bought a new car.  Then I took on a new show and transitioned into a six day work week.  Then I caught an upper respiratory infection, laryngitis, and I threw my back out.  Now, after a week off, antibiotics, and steroids….   I’m back!!!


So let’s talk turkey!  What have I been doing lately?  

Besides waiting for my kids to get of school and stealing their sippy pouches…

I’ve been up to quite a bit.  I’ve started a couple of business ventures and made a few connections.   Did I get rich yet?  No, but I’ll die trying. I can’t tell you everything I’ve been up to, but I will fill you in on a couple of the big projects I have going.

Since I get about four requests a day for this I figured I couldn’t just ignore you guys about this whole makeup thing.   And Lord knows through all of my recent struggles I hope all of you out here reading didn’t think I’d forgotten about you.  I did actually attempt to make a few make up videos whilst getting ready for shows and I’m still working out the kinks of video editing/lighting/recording ect.  So, while it is still a work in progress please rest assured that it IS ON THE WAY.  Here are a few glimpses of the looks you can expect to see:

The plan is to provide you all with video instructions on just how to achieve this look.  In the meantime, I’ve created a page here on that will lead you to the link in which you can purchase the same inexpensive brands and products that I use to achieve my look nightly.  Trust me when I say that I’m a single mom and not rich, I’m not selling you anything.  Everything I purchase and use is affordable and I’m simply making it easy for you by making it just one click away. 

Most of the products that I use can be found in drugstores, but I have found that Amazon keeps me from having to bounce between stores and it actually saves me money at the same time.  Here lately I’ve been to three different Walmarts attempting to find my foundation and not only have I not been able to find my shade, but the FitMe brand is slowly disappearing off the shelf.  When I tell you that I’ve used the gamut of foundations you can trust and believe that my 25 years of playing in stage makeup allots me that experience and wisdom.  I’ve attempted to put my main staples in one collective store here so that you too can achieve this inexpensive yet glamorous look.  CHECK IT OUT HERE 

So what’s next you might ask???

How about a cookbook?

I was inspired a few months ago to do more than just blog about food.  My oldest daughter came into the kitchen with me one day and said out loud, “I have no idea how I’m going to feed myself when you die.”  At first I chuckled because hell, it was funny.  But then I realized that my passion for cooking hadn’t really involved my children.  I’m such a perfectionist in the kitchen that I actually find it hard to relinquish control of my recipes to anyone yet alone share a cooking space with them.  Trust me, I operate like a mean French Chef in my kitchen.  It’s fast paced and high energy when I’m in my zone so giving instructions is not an easy task for me at that time.

But lately, I’ve been working on some older recipes. Some slower recipes.  I’ve learned a lot from my deep rooted low country family and there are a few recipes that I feel should not be lost to lack of time and fast food operations.  My kids are very spoiled when it comes to my cooking and I feel like it’s time for that to change.  It’s time for them to get their hands dirty too and it’s time for me to pass along this knowledge in form that will continue to be passed on for generations.  Not just to my children, but yours too.  There’s a rich history that comes from my recipes and I hope to share that with all of you too.  For instance, the stories behind by family’s  Low Country Oxtails and Yams

Or the history of the Gullah People and Greens

And because I will be including my children in the cooking process who are also of Mexican heritage I will be including a few authentic Latin recipes as well as other recipes from around the world….  


Now I realize that keeping up with me might be a little difficult these days, but I make it pretty easy through social media.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to get the latest.  (links in the sidebar)

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