Hidden Jewels Of Myrtle Beach: Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant

I have been dying to get into this place because I love Mediterranean food.  Especially hummus which I love to make when I can find Tahini oil.  I knew the place would be great when I heard they had belly dancing some evening but I never expected the experience I got today at lunch.

Some how or another I booked a doctors appointed on the same day as a major music meeting and thought the doctors appointment was today.  After I corrected the scheduling snaffu and promised myself that I would hire and assistant soon, I decided to take my oldest and youngest daughters out for lunch.  I often pass the place either on the way to work or on the way home from work and I never get to stop in because either I don’t have time before work, or their closed after work.  BUT TODAY!!!  I was determined to try them out.  And for some reason, my daughters weren’t giving me grief about it.  I guess you could say it was in the stars.

The space was so beautiful inside Ariana immediately started taking pictures and planning a party.  And I must say, the lounge was very unique and comfortable.  It was lavishly decorated and anyone would feel at home having a meal there.


Oh, but the food.  I’ve been in Myrtle Beach now for almost two years and this place had the best food that I’ve tasted since I’ve been here.  The owner explained the Kosher process of how they ship in their food and being a cook myself, I was very impressed.  When I tell you that nothing processed will enter your mouth when you dine here…you can believe me.  It was the freshest food I’ve had outside my own kitchen in quite some time.  Seriously, it was so good, I even got the kid to eat off the regular menu.  


It might help to make reservation so I’ve included the link below.  Tell them Kandice sent you!

The Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant <—-Click on the name

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