Found Something New and Fun To Do In Myrtle Beach

I remember the first time I came to Myrtle Beach as child, well teenager really.  I was 17 and quite the wild child.  I recall escaping my family, walking down the beach to the peer, and getting my hands on a pitcher of beer.  It was a memorable night because it was my first time having a beer and listening to a live band all by myself, like a grown up, something that I would spend the rest of my life doing.   Over a decade later, I returned.  Alone.  Needing a break from my ex-husband and children I drove here on a whim one day and got an ocean front hotel room.  I was pregnant so I couldn’t drink, but I did go down to the peer where I caught my first fish.  It was that trip in which I decided to get divorced, and move here.

Before I could get divorced and move here however, we decided to take the kids on a family vacation here.  We really had a great time playing on the beach, taking the kids to the water park, setting off fireworks on the beach after dark.  And then…  the last night that we were here, I ended up in the hospital in need of emergency surgery to have my gallbladder out.  Yeah…I still wanted to move here.

I guess you could say that Myrtle Beach has been a place of  pivotal changes in my life.  Sometimes I feel as if the influence of the ocean herself has placed me on this very path I walk today.  It took me three years of planning but the allure of this complicated and beautiful beach town kept me focused until I got here.  And now that I am here, I planned to learn every nook and cranny.

Today the cast and I were invited to test a new Escape Room located in Broadway At The Beach.  For anyone planning to go it’s located at the Mirror Maze entrance.  I’m not allowed to give away any details, but I will tell you this much, it’s challenging.  Very challenging.  You should come sober, and be at least a little bit smart.   Otherwise you will probably end up crying in the fetal position until it’s over.  <—- I’m exaggerating, kind of.

I think I struggled because I had a hang over from the night before.  I was only out doing my job of promoting The Myrtle Beach Divas so don’t judge me.  And if you guys followed me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen the video.

Now, I was not allowed to show you any photos or video of the escape room, BUT…..  I was dragged into the mirror maze.  Trust and believe that place is worth your money.  I got lost inside.   So I took out my phone and did what any Diva would do in my situation.  I took selfies.



But seriously.  The mirror maze was really cool.  I can’t wait to take the kids back later this summer.  I think whether you have children or not, this is a pretty fun adventure with friends.  Freaky alone, but a great time with friends.  Here are just a few more cool views from the inside.


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 Backstage Mirror Maze

                                     Broadway at the Beach, 1314 Celebrity Cir #165, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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You can find tickets, prices, and make reservations here:

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