An Ordinary Day In Myrtle Beach

Today, my daughter came along with me to run some errands and pay a few bills.  She has this crazy way of seeing random things on the side of road around here.  One time, we were driving home from a gig in North Myrtle at night mind you, and she started freaking out saying that she saw money on the side of the road.  Thinking I was proving her wrong I circled back and there were two twenty dollar bills blowing around the ditch.  So today, when she screamed, “Oh My God!!!  Mom, Mom, she has a monkey!!!  You have to stop!!!”  I had to stop.  Plus, she was moving as if she was about to open the door and jump out.  I turned around, and sure enough…it was a real monkey.

Cutest little thing.  Originally I planned to let her get out and put it on her social media but then I started talking to the lady and I asked her, “Where did you find a monkey? And how much did it cost?”  When she responded, “$8,500 dollars” I put my car in park and went to pet the monkey.  I mean, come on…how many opportunities do you get to pet an eight thousand dollar monkey?  I tell you, Myrtle Beach never ceases to amaze me.  I love it here.

  * To the sweet real estate agent who allowed us to snap these shots, I know you gave me permission to do so, but I didn’t get your name and I’d like to include it here.  Will you please email me *

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