Make Up Fail That Has Cosmo and Maybelline In The Hot Seat

So, Cosmopolitan in cahoots with Maybelline just put out possibly the most flawed new makeup marketing campaign video this side of planet earth to promote a new trend attempt.

 (They should have called me) 

Have you ever gotten all purtyfied for a night on the town, then got totally wasted, and passed out without a makeup remover wipe in sight?  Don’t act like it’s just me.  Well, that “walk of shame” makeup look that you see in the mirror the next morning.  You know, the one that makes you so ashamed you consider going to church?  Yeah…they just tried to make it a thing.  Notice I said, “tried” because the comments section Shut. Them. Down.   I love people with common sense.  Do yourself a favor, have a laugh today.  Check out the video and please for the love of Jar Jar Binks don’t skip the comments.

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