Welcome To The Myrtle Beach Diva

Well surprise surprise!!!  If you’ve been wondering what the author of “Raisin Em Real” has been doing since she fell off the earth last September then you’ve come to the right Blog.  I’ve turned over a new leaf of sorts and changed my direction with the wind.  With my newfound energy refocused on music and entertaining I felt that it would also be something that I’d like to share with the readers who previously followed my blogging shenanigans.

So buckle up bitches!!!  I’m still the same crazy foul mouthed Diva. The only thing that’s changed is my day job.  You can expect to $#!t I Say On FB to Return as well much much more hilarity, realness, and love.  Thanks for sticking it out with me.  I hope to see all my faithful readers return.

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