Tales Of A Beach Entertainer

Well, I suppose it’s time to admit that I have fans.  Therefore I have started to blog again in an effort to keep you all more informed of what’s going on in this crazy life of mine.  Many of you will remember me from the “Raisin Em Real” blog and while I haven’t dumped the kids, I have dumped the idea of being anything slightly judgmental towards parents who are out here trying just as hard as I am to be successful at bring children into adulthood.  

During this process I found myself in desperate need for a life change.  For those who don’t remember, I am a divorced mother of five children ranging in ages from 19 to 5.  After my divorce I struggled to figure out what direction I needed to go in that would be in the best interest for everyone in my family, including myself.  I knew I wanted to be at home to raise my children, but I also knew I needed to make money.  As some of you may remember I started a business from home and managed to barely make ends meet.  While working from home I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and started the Master’s program in the same field.  But it wasn’t enough.  I spent a great deal of time writing and I thought that would be creative enough to satisfy my artistic spirit…but it still wasn’t enough.  

I was missing the stage.  Many people don’t know this, but years ago I used to be a cruise ship singer among many other various musician/vocalist gigs.  I was pretty good at it too.  But I felt like the road wasn’t a place for my oldest daughter (who now performs with me) so I left music for motherhood.  I got married, settled down, and had four more children.  But my heart never lost it’s passion for music.  

Once I divorced, I found myself on a path to discover “what could have been”.  And I can’t wait to tell you all what a beautiful, difficult, rewarding, and fantastic journey this has been as well as document and share everything that is to come.  

I invite you to follow me on this journey.  I won’t beg you to sign up for email alerts but follow me on your favorite social media site and if you see something you like, come over and check it out.  I won’t always be interesting, but I won’t always be dull either.  Here’s to the journey.  


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