Monthly Archives: March 2017

Sharing A Little Of My Old Music In My New World

Someone asked me last night….  “Hey Kandice, do you have any recordings?”  I had to stop myself before I said no.  After nearly 20 years I had almost forgotten that I am too a songwriter.  For the last 15 years or so I’ve just been singing other people’s music.  However, I still have the ability […]

An Ordinary Day In Myrtle Beach

Today, my daughter came along with me to run some errands and pay a few bills.  She has this crazy way of seeing random things on the side of road around here.  One time, we were driving home from a gig in North Myrtle at night mind you, and she started freaking out saying that […]

Real Time Blogging Is Harder Than I Thought

So,  I thought this would be easy.   Write about your life.  Write about the day to day interactions that you have.  Oh what fun that will be.  Listen Linda.  I have five children and I run this house alone.   So much shit happens during my day that I honestly think most of you […]

My Greatest Rewards

Some days I want to strangle her.  But most days, I feel like my heart is going burst with pride when I look at her.  I gave birth to her when I was twenty and my whole life changed.  I’ve lived a very blessed life being able to sing and perform.  I’ve traveled a little […]

Make Up Fail That Has Cosmo and Maybelline In The Hot Seat

So, Cosmopolitan in cahoots with Maybelline just put out possibly the most flawed new makeup marketing campaign video this side of planet earth to promote a new trend attempt.  (They should have called me)  Have you ever gotten all purtyfied for a night on the town, then got totally wasted, and passed out without a […]


If you write it, they will read. Somewhere in the back of my warped fragile mind I honestly believe that.   I’ve also missed watching the black text file out of the cursor on to the white screen occasionally retreating as I sporadically hit the backspace button.   But for the last six month or […]

Help Me Decide Which Song To Sing for Night Fever!!!!

I’ve uploaded two videos here guys to see if you can help me decide which song to add to our new show.  One of them has to go and I’ve been told I can’t do both so I need help deciding because I can’t decide this one on my own.  Take a listen to both […]

Stage Fright

Before most of my shows I spend about an hour to an hour and a half doing my own make-up and getting dressed.  Sometimes the process gets a little rushed when I spend too much time chatting with my daughter and other cast mates and I find myself a bit flustered as I race to […]

Welcome To The Myrtle Beach Diva

Well surprise surprise!!!  If you’ve been wondering what the author of “Raisin Em Real” has been doing since she fell off the earth last September then you’ve come to the right Blog.  I’ve turned over a new leaf of sorts and changed my direction with the wind.  With my newfound energy refocused on music and […]